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Random updates

I won’t have time for a substantive update for about a week, so here are some bullet points.

  • Peter Cameron has a blog, which I somehow didn’t know before. Terence Tao and Tim Gowers both have links to it, but the Secret Blogging Seminar doesn’t. Anyway, it’s excellent.
  • I’ve been looking over the course listings at Cambridge for Part II. Conclusion: by Cambridge standards, I ought to know more physics.
  • Andrea Ferretti recently started a new math website, MathOnline. It’s for posting links to free mathematics resources on the internet. I think all of my favorite online resources are already on it, so I haven’t contributed anything yet, but I’m happy that they’re all gathered in one place.
  • I’ve also been reading Kassel’s Quantum Groups and Turaev’s Quantum Invariants of Knots and 3-Manifolds, in part to better understand Scott Morrison’s answer to my question about the Catalan numbers, but mostly because what little I know about the subject is fascinating. But I feel guilty about doing this; I can’t help but feel that as an undergraduate I should be paying more attention to my fundamentals and learning about fancy stuff later. What do you think?

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